Our Story

Equity Strategies Team was born out of a passion to help everyday people preserve and grow wealth, creating freedom to pursue meaningful and fulfilling lives.

About Us

The Equity Strategies Team is here to help you find a better way forward. 

Our team helps you look at real estate equity and financing in a way most people haven’t considered. 

By optimizing your equity, credit, cash and cash flow, you unlock the full potential of your financial assets to safely use financing as a tool to diversify and build your wealth. 

In concert with your financial team of advisors, we help you use real estate financing to build up a portfolio of real assets and stable, passive income.

The Equity Strategies Team is a top-quality multi-state team of loan officers that help you access a wide variety of loan products through our alignment with Nexa Mortgage Brokerage. Leverage our expansive network of lenders so whatever your portfolio calls for, you access the financing tools you need to fund your future goals.


Lifelong Relationships

Knowing we’re going to be your future lending team for years to come changes everything. We go above and beyond to set you up for success in the long term and provide you an experience that’s worth sticking with.


The driving force behind all we do is moral inspiration to be a catalyst of positive change in the lives of others. We do the right thing for the right reasons and treat you the way we want to be treated.

Servant Leadership

Your success matters deeply to us. Your best interest is served when we’re listening well and when appropriate, giving voice to a better way. By taking a humble leadership role, we help you accomplish your goals.

Innovative Strategies

We’re constantly growing our knowledge, thinking creatively and masterminding on how to make the most of our financial resources. You’re in the know on the latest financial strategies.

Synergistic Teamwork

Working together as a whole team of professionals, we bring synergistic value that’s greater than the sum of our parts. We never stop developing our internal team and our network of business relationships so that when you engage with us, you’re connecting to a whole realm of people and possibilities.

Consistent Excellence

A signature trait of our team is a spirit of excellence. We take seriously our responsibility to do what we say we’re going to do, and to carry out our service to you with high-quality professionalism.

Stability and Sustainability

There’s no get rich quick formula to success. Creating long-term stable and sustainable portfolios that can weather storms is what we’re all about. In business, we work hard and smart, knowing when to rest and refresh … so the whole person is healthy, strong and has the mental clarity needed to put our best thoughts forward.

Work with Us

After designing your personalized Equity Optimization Game Plan, our team helps you determine your ultimate borrowing power and go to work getting you the absolute best loan products at great rates.  

The end result is you control more real assets that position you as the beneficiary of inflation.

You’re constantly securing and growing your wealth joining the winning side of the growing wealth gap. 

You’re optimizing returns, hedging against inflation bubbles, freeing up capital, and increasing passive income. 

Every day, we do the math and the math tells us what to do … 

People are building wealth, breaking free, funding meaningful pursuits and living their best life ever! 

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